Turnkey installations

Turnkey installations
Project Description

Turnkey installations

Captair & Dimavent you discover its key installation system on hand.
To respect the environment, all our ventilation systems are in compliance with the standards in force.

Possible types of facilities:

1. Electric and pneumatic:

  • Electrical control cabinet.
  • Pneumatic network installation.
  • Electrical connection.

2. Pipeline Systems:

  • Steel standardized.
  • Painted steel, stainless steel or PVC.
  • Networks ducts of spiral or smooth type.

3. Reels of flexible tubes:

  • Installations in garages.
  • Installation maintenance workshops industrial vehicles.

4. Teams fixtures:

  • Interventions throughout France.
  • Followed by construction of strict supervision.
  • Installation with all safety equipment.

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For a custom installation,
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